With Hugh Jackman stepping away from his highly respected, longtime role as Wolverine after next years ‘Logan’ hits cinemas, Fox Studios are left wondering where the future of their hit and miss X-Men series lies. With talks that director Bryan Singer will also be stepping away from the series, coupled with the fact that Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Nicholas Hoult have all completed their 3 movie contracts, Fox is left with little option but to look to a different, say alternate future for everybody’s favourite mutants. Hence, the reboot.

Fox Studios are certainly looking to continue the franchise, and scripts are being developed with the above actors, sans Jackman, optimistically in mind. However, the cost to get such star power back on board would be incredible leading most to believe that we’ll be looking at different incarnations of fan favourite characters such as Magneto, Professor X and Mystique yet again. Keep in mind, it was only 2011 with X-Men: First Class when Fox last “rebooted” the franchise!

Fox is also dealing with a number of other well publicised issues such as the continual push-back of ‘Gambit’ which is yet to find a replacement director for Doug Liman, and Deadpool 2 also recently, and unexpectedly, suffering the same problem with Tim Miller’s exit. So, is there any good news? Certainly! Even through all these issues, Fox Studios are already planning for Deadpool 3 with rumours it may contain members of X-Force, and the New Mutants TV spinoff is far enough along in production it may start filming as early as next year. A couple of strong signs that’s it’s not all doom and gloom just yet.

Hopefully Fox has these problems under control. The X-Men franchise, while not always at the top of its game (see X-Men: The Last Stand) has always been popular with fans and its pretty safe to say no one wants to see it come to an end prematurely, or worse yet, become a pale comparison of what it has the potential to truly be.

Our thoughts? Perhaps now is the time for the ultimate superhero studio team-up! What do you say Fox? Marvel? Time to put your differences aside and make this happen?