On this week’s show prepare to get Punished as we wrap up the entire first season of The Punisher, the 7th and latest entry into the Marvel Netflix universe! We watched all 13 episodes to find out whether Jon Bernthal’s first solo series as The Punisher is Daredevil good, Iron Fist bad, or somewhere in the middle like, I dunno, a Defenders or something.


PLUS, in this week’s edition of Lightning News we break down the most watched trailer in the history of watched trailers: Avengers Infinity War! We watched it and as always come prepared to ask the tough questions: Why is Thanos pink? Will the Hulk and the Hulkbuster suit make out and how does human Vision do the nasty?


Also, we have our Listener Questions segment and we want you to get involved! Yes, YOU! Either hit us up via Facebook or Twitter, email us at or call the listener hotline below and we’ll answer your question on the show!  


Avoid The Spoilers!

News: 2:00

Punisher Non Spoilers: 33:41

Punisher Spoilers: 43:05

Listener Questions: 1:04:56


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